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Social Influence of Full-Body Interaction with Public Displays 2015 / Publications

Masquerade is a public interactive game that embraces the possibilities of (networked) public displays and natural user interfaces, as a means for people to socialize in public environments in fun and playful ways. The game challenges people to mirror body poses that others have recorded before them. In this presentation, we will describe our analysis of Masquerade from a socio-technical perspective, as we analyse the impact of public interaction and gameplay on the socialization processes within distinct (semi)-public spaces, as well as across these spaces. We emphasize the role of natural user interfaces, and body gestures in particular, in supporting gameplay in public environments, and their influence on social interaction.

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Wouters, N., Downs, J., Carter, M. and Vande Moere, A. Masquerade: Social Influence of Full-Body Game Interaction on Public Displays. In Proceedings of the Digital Games Research Association Australia 2015, DIGRAA (2015). Bibtex Endnote Download PDF

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