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LocaLudo: Card-Based Workshop for Interactive Architecture 2014 / Publications

In this paper, we describe the design and outcomes of LocaLudo, a playful and card-based workshop that aims to involve families in the design of interactive architecture. Family members, both children and adults, were invited to build upon local experiences for informing the design of concepts that allow interaction between the house, its residents, and the neighborhood. While the creation of such concepts proved challenging, we found that an open and playful approach, and suggesting the possible use of technologies aided participants in this process. Several recurring themes were identified in the generated concepts: stimulating social contact, spreading information, reacting to negative events, and solving practical problems.

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Huyghe, J., Wouters, N., Geerts, D. and Vande Moere, A. LocaLudo: Card-Based Workshop for Interactive Architecture. In Proceedings of the Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2014, ACM (2014), 1975-1980. Bibtex Endnote Google Scholar Download PDF

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