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Revealing the Architectural Quality of Media Architecture 2016 / Publications

Media architecture is becoming an increasingly affordable and ubiquitous element in our built environment. As a result, architecture gains dynamic and interactive opportunities to engage with its surroundings. However, the influence of media architecture on the experience of the built environment raises the need to avoid an architectural disconnect. In this paper, we describe which design qualities support the architectural relevance of media architecture. We report on a Q Methodology survey among 22 architects that aimed to reveal the perceived architectural quality of 24 existing media architecture projects. Our analysis of the specific terminology illustrates how perceived architectural quality of media architecture relates to its ability to 1) coexist with physical characteristics of architecture; 2) augment space; 3) respond to contextual changes; and 4) communicate content that is relevant for the architectural situation.

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Wouters, N., Keignaert, K., Huyghe, J. and Vande Moere, A. Revealing the Architectural Quality of Media Architecture. In Proceedings of the Media Architecture Biennale 2016, ACM (2016). Bibtex Endnote Download PDF

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